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Dancing with the Docs 2014 Save the Date - 10/11/14!

Stacey Corless and Dr. Woody WhiteIntroducing our first Dancing with the Docs dance team OB/GYN Dr. Woody White with elected official Stacy Corless, County Supervisor. They met for the first time at last night's rehearsal and will compete with an African jazz dance; you will be pleasantly surprised with their hidden talent. Watch for upcoming TV episodes for a sneak peek of rehearsals leading up to the gala dance competition on 10/11/14 at Canyon Lodge. Tickets go on sale soon!

Dancing with the Docs 2013 a huge success!


A huge thanks to our title sponsor: Mammoth Mountain!



On behalf of the Healthcare Trust of Mammoth Lakes, we would like to thank each and every one of you who sponsored, danced, volunteered, or participated in this year's Dancing with the Docs! Thank you for another great event this year!

Check out photos from the event here!

This year's big winners were:

Judge's Award:

Team Tango: Jennie Walker, Matty Whitmore, and Choreographer, Leann Alduenda

People's Choice Award:

Team Break-A-Leg: Dr. Kim Escudero, Gabe Taylor, and Choreographer, Karrie McFadden

Most Philanthropic:

Team Break-A-Leg: Dr. Kim Escudero, Gabe Taylor, and Choreographer, Karrie McFadden

Congratulations to ALL of our dance teams for their hard work and dedication - you wowed us all!!! Stay tuned for pictures and video of this exciting event.

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Meet our Dancers!

Dr. Fru Bahiraei / Jenn Collins; Choreographer – Sabrina Nioche

Dr. Jennie Walker / Matty Whitmore; Choreographer – Leann Alduenda

Dr. Kim Escudero / Gabe Taylor; Choreographer – Karrie McFadden

Dr. Marty Kim / Jason Crockett; Choreographer – Pamela Stayden

Karly Dawson, PA / Chris Benchetler; Choreographer - Sarah Lawrence

Dr. Jason Bishop / Alison Page (Dancer and Choreographer)


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